12 November 2016

La Pesta and the Accesa Lake

This small village is about 10km far from Massa Marittima and you can get there also through the mining village of Capanne. At the bottom of […]
12 November 2016


The area used to be a marsh until the end of the XVIII century. Here a rail network was built in 1902: it connected the mines […]
12 November 2016

Albizzeschi Palace

This fourteenth-century building, located at the top of Corso della Libertà, is the birthplace of Bernardino degli Albizzeschi, also known as San Bernardino from Siena. He […]
12 October 2016

Pannocchieschi Palace

Once you cross Piazza Garibaldi, keeping the cathedral behind you, you will walk through Corso della Libertà. Here, on the left side you will find this […]
12 October 2016

Biserno’s Palace

The building was built in the XIII century and stands next to the Lord’s Residence, in Piazza Garibaldi. It was originally a civilian residence owned by […]
7 October 2016

Tatti: the sound of silence

The village, mentioned already in the IX century in Lucca’s Bishopric documents, also appears among the possessions of the powerful Abbey Sestinga. The castle was then bought in […]
7 October 2016

Prata and the dantesque Pia

The Castle of Prata appears for the first time in a document in 1155, when Federico Barbarossa renewed the right of property to a local nobleman. Around […]
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