Ufficio Turistico

23 August 2019

26/8 21:30 Born to Dance @Piazza Garibaldi

22 August 2019

23/08 21:00 traditional march from Piazza XXIV maggio 21:30 Balestruzzo at Cassero Senese (crossbow competition of the juniors)

This is the occasion to see the traditional event of Massa Marittima: who missed to see the Balestro del Girifalco should be part of this event, […]
22 August 2019

25/08 18:30 Musica @Agriturismo Belvedere

15 August 2019

17/08-02/09 Galleria Spaziografico: Franziskus Schmid

17 August 2019

22-08 / 03-11 Photos Exhibition by Riccardo Zipoli – Museo di San Pietro all’Orto

On  22th August at 6 pm, at the Museo  San Pietro all’Orto, inauguration of the exhibition by Riccardo Zipoli: “Transient Borders”  – 30 photographs from 1972 […]
1 August 2019

Events in August 2019 in Massa Marittima

Download the document with alle events in August here: Eventi_Agosto 2019
7 August 2019

Events in August at the Museums of Massa Marittima

Do not hesitate to contact us or the organisers for any further information in english.
29 July 2019

Events in August in Prata (Massa Marittima)

Saturday 3, 19:30: Apèro Riche at Teatro Goldoni, Registration obligatory, afterwards night-walk with the donkeys of Prata Saturday 10, 12:00 Lunch under the chestnut tree at […]
11 August 2019

Sagre di Valpiana (Restaurant 19-21:30, spectacles from 21h)

4 August 2019

03/08 – 03/11 “The Sphinx of Vulci” at the “Museo Archeologico”

From 3 August to 3 November 2019 “The Sphinx of Vulci” can be visited at the Giovanangelo Camporeale Archaeological Museum. The Exhibition is daily open until […]
17 July 2019

EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY 16:30 sharks-feeding & visit of the nursery and the exhibition of Aquarium Mondo Marino (Valpiana / Massa Marittima)

6 July 2019

EVERY THURSDAY 16:30-19:30 from 20 June-12 September Event with the Donkeys – Prata

4 May 2019


Massa Marittima is a paradise for mountainbiking. Everything started with a trail here or there, but soon more and much longer ones have been created. Nowadays […]
27 July 2019

10/08 Calici di Stelle

Calici di Stelle – don’t miss this beautiful event for all winelovers and wineexpers in the oldtown of Massa Marittima! All important producers of the region […]
1 May 2019


The maremma region is a paradise for roadbikers as it has so many streets with little traffic. You can do tours without being surpassed by cars. […]
1 May 2019

Horseback Riding

Are you looking for a great horse ride in your holidays? There are several possibilities to do horseback riding in our zone. Just contact us and […]
15 November 2016

14/08 Balestro del Girifalco

It is a traditional festival based on a medieval game and takes place twice a year: regularly on the 4th Sunday of May, and on 14 […]
13 November 2016

San Pietro all’Orto Museum Complex

The building used to be the Convent of San Pietro all’Orto, in Cittanuova, next to Sant’Agostino Church. The museum hosts pieces of art such as sculptures, […]
12 November 2016
Palazzo dell'Abbondanza

the Medieval Springs and the Fertility Tree

Le fonti dell’Abbondanza, literally The Abundance Springs, used to be the ancient water source of Massa Marittima in medieval times. The building was built up in […]
12 October 2016

Cathedral of San Cerbone

OPENING HOURS 08:00-12:00 // 15:00-17:00, from 1 June to 30 Septembre until 19:00 Mass Monday-Friday 09:00 Saturday 18:00 Sunday 11:00, 17:00/17:30 Its construction started in the […]
12 November 2016

Piazza Garibaldi

It is one of the most beautiful squares in Tuscany. This wonderful medieval star-shaped square is called Piazza Garibaldi, a sort of open-air theatre surrounded by […]
12 November 2016

the Council Building

This travertine building was the judiciaries headquarter. It consists in three independent buildings, each one built in a different period: the Biserno Tower on the left […]
12 October 2016

Candeliere Tower

This imposing tower and its sienese Fortress stand in the upper part of the medieval city centre, called Cittanuova. The tower was built in 1228 by […]
17 October 2016

The Mining Museum

It is only 5 minutes away from the city centre. It was originally a travertine cave and then converted into a museum once the mining activity […]
12 November 2016

Archeological Museum

It is inside the medieval Lord’s Residence, in Piazza Garibaldi. The museum is organized in two main sections. The prehistorical one on the ground floor shows […]
12 November 2016

the Lord’s Residence

Also known as the Justice Palace or The Magistrate Palace, it overlooks Piazza Garibaldi and was built around the first half of the XIII century, after Massa Marittima […]
13 November 2016

Museum of Mining Art and History

The museum was born in 1984 and it is complementary with the Mining Museum: it deepens some aspects of the mining activity concerning the area around […]
15 October 2016

Museum of Ancient Mechanical Organs “Santa Cecilia”

It is a private museum and the only one in Italy of its kind. It was born in 2002 thank Dr. Lorenzo Ronzoni who donated his […]
12 November 2016

The Bishop’s Residence

It is a medieval construction and it was originally the Lord Vicar’s residence. It was then taken over by the Church and it eventually became Massa […]
12 October 2016

Malfatti Palace

   This impressive structure faces the Council Building and was built in the XIII century. Its most interesting trait is the wide balcony bounded on two […]
12 November 2016
mappa geoparco

The Tuscan Mining Geopark

Massa Marittima and its surroundings are part of the Tuscan Mining Geopark (Geoparco delle Colline Metallifere) and are CETS accredited (Sustainable Tourism European Charter) since 2014. […]
12 November 2016
Mappa colline


The whole area is provided with a CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) trekking signage system, which helps orientating to enjoy the natural beauties of this region. We recommend […]
14 October 2016

Accesa Lake

This karstic lake is about 10km far from Massa Marittima and it’s a beautiful spot, particularly suitable for nice walks along the bank, picnics or refreshing […]
12 November 2016
galleria mineraria

Caves and Galleries

The region is characterized by the presence of natural caves and galleries that can be visited especially during summer. The GSMM (Speleological Group of Massa Marittima) […]
14 October 2016
pozzino minerario

the mine shaft trekking

The trail connects some of the over 250 mine shafts of the area, counted by Bernardino Lotti at the end of the XIX century. In the […]
14 October 2016

the surroundings

From Massa Marittima you can reach many spectacular destinations in less than half an hour by car: 1- Saint Galgano Abbey : the gothic roof-less abbey […]