15 November 2016

14/08 Balestro del Girifalco

It is a traditional festival based on a medieval game and takes place twice a year: regularly on the 4th Sunday of May, and on 14 […]
14 October 2016

Opera: Lirica in Piazza

  Since 1985 the open air opera takes place every year at the beginning of August in Piazza Garibaldi. The Cathedral and its tower on the […]
15 November 2016
San Cerbone

10/10 San Cerbone

San Cerbone is the patron saint of Massa Marittima and he is celebrated on October 10th. Cerbone was born around 493 a.C. and raised by Christian parents […]
12 November 2016

01/09 Fair of Ghirlanda

This traditional fair takes place every year on 1st September in Ghirlanda: the local farmers show their cattle and animals and compete for the “best animal” […]
12 November 2016
Madonna del Canale

Madonna del Canale in Prata

Despite the patron saint being Saint Assunta, everybody in Prata reveres the Madonna of the Graces, also known as “Madonna of the Canal” (the name coming […]