Scheduled events

25 January 2020

25/01-15/02 MOSTRA Gian Paolo Bonesini // Diversa da se’

25 January 2020

30/04-02/05 Campionato Italiano degli Arcieri

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25 January 2020

09/02 Cena con Delitto

5 January 2020

26 January Massa Subterranean: Events with the Speleologists of Massa Marittima

The region is characterized by the presence of natural caves and galleries that can be visited especially during summer. The GSMM (Speleological Group of Massa Marittima) organizes […]
25 January 2020

28/01 Giornata della Memoria

25 January 2020

24-27/01 Cinema

25 January 2020

26/01 Cammina per il cuore

19 January 2020

26/01 Sant’Antonio Abate – Animals’ Blessing

As every year, on the occasion of Saint Antonio Abate’s Day, all animals are blessed Massa Marittima. A nice hike around the area of Ghirlanda is […]
2 September 2019

Events in Massa Marittima

Within few time you will find here the eventcalender for Massa Marittima and its surroundings. In the meantime check-out our facebook page:
15 December 2019

Every year: 23/05/2020 & 13/08/2020 CENA PREBALESTRO – Dinner with the “TERZIERI”

    Every year the day before the two crossbow shooting competitions (on the fourth Sunday in May and on August 14th), a cheerful dinner takes […]
15 September 2019

06/10 10-22h FARINA DEL TUO SACCO an event about flour and the italian cooking culture. Piazza del Duomo & Piazza Mazzini (takes place every year)

FARINA DEL TUO SACCO: MARKET, PRODUCT PRESENTATION, SHOW COOKING, STREET ARTISTS, CONCERTS AND TANGO. The event is called “Farina del tuo sacco”, translated in english flour […]
17 July 2019

EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY 16:30 sharks-feeding & visit of the nursery and the exhibition of Aquarium Mondo Marino (Valpiana / Massa Marittima)

27 July 2019

EVERY YEAR 10 August: CALICI DI STELLE (wine & stars)

Calici di Stelle – don’t miss this beautiful event for all winelovers and wineexpers in the oldtown of Massa Marittima! All important producers of the region […]
15 November 2016

10/10 15-18h Celebrations for Saint Cerbone, the Patron of Massa Marittima (EVERY YEAR)

15:00 Tournament on Piazza Garibaldi of the junior crossbow competitiors 16:30 Piazza Cavour towards the cathedral: the march in traditional costumes 17:00 Holy mess in honour […]
15 November 2016

EVERY YEAR BALESTRO DEL GIRIFALCO 24/05/2020 (4th Sunday in May) & 14/08/2020

It is a traditional festival based on a medieval game and takes place twice a year: regularly on the 4th Sunday of May, and on 14 […]
14 October 2016


  Since 1985 the open air opera takes place every year at the beginning of August in Piazza Garibaldi. The Cathedral and its tower on the […]
12 November 2016


This traditional fair takes place every year around 1st September in Ghirlanda: the local farmers show their cattle and animals and compete for the “best animal” […]
12 November 2016
Madonna del Canale

Madonna del Canale in Prata

Despite the patron saint being Saint Assunta, everybody in Prata reveres the Madonna of the Graces, also known as “Madonna of the Canal” (the name coming […]
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