Balestro del Girifalco

It is a traditional festival based on a medieval game and takes place twice a year: on the 4th Sunday of May and on the 14th of August.
Its origins date back to the XIV-XV centuries, when Massa Marittima was a Free and Independent City.
It is a crossbow competition among the three Terzieri (or medieval neighborhoods) of Massa Marittima: Cittanuova (literally New Town), Cittavecchia (Old Town) and Borgo. It takes place in Piazza Garibaldi, just in front of the Cathedral.
The festival consists of three different moments: it starts with a parade, with over 150 people concentrating into Piazza Garibaldi showing their medieval costumes; then the flag wavers begin their show and finally the crossbow game begins.


-Stalls: you can buy your ticket at the Archeological Museum in Piazza Garibaldi, from one week before the event.
Prices are €18 (in August) or €15 (in May)
reduced tickets for children (from 13 y.o.):  €11

-Standing tickets: with these tickets you will be able to access the Piazza Garibaldi and sit on the Cathedral stairway
Price is €8
free for children until 12 y.o.