Tatti: the sound of silence

The village, mentioned already in the IX century in Lucca’s Bishopric documents, also appears among the possessions of the powerful Abbey Sestinga. The castle was then bought in the XIII century by the Aldobrandeschi family. After passing from hand to hand of several sienese families, it became part of the Medici‘s Grand Duchy, who started to use the surrounding forests to provide wood for creating its navy.
In the upper part of the village, within the medieval walls, stands the fortress with its tower, built around a courtyard, as well as the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating back to the XIII century (but it was completely renovated at the end of the XIX century).
The economic and social life of Tatti has always been so strongly linked to the exploitation of forests, that today exists a communal forest (Selva di Tatti): its use is reserved for the villagers as a public resource. Each year the population obtains firewood from this Selva, which is the result of a collective property right.
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