Cura Nuova

Cura Nuova is known for its Monteregio vineyards, the DOC wine of Massa Marittima.
The area near Gora delle Ferriere, an important waterway for mining activities, was habited since prehistoric times and this is proved by the presence of numerous caves in the area, in particular the Vado all’Arancio one discovered in 1969: two tombs were discovered with fragments of carved stones, tools and everyday objects, animal bones and a limestone plaque depicting the profile of a man, dating back to the Epipaleolithic Era, about 11,500 years ago.
Another discovery around Cura Nuova in the ’50s, was the Anthropomorphic Stele, dating back to the Eneolithic Era (5500-4500 years ago), the only statue-stele found in Maremma depicting a stylized human body about 60cm high. It is possible to see it visiting the Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima.
Even around Poggio Castiglione, close to Cura Nuova, numerous Etruscan artifacts have been found since the end of the XVIII century, like the bronze statuette of Heracles (third century. B.C.), displayed today at the Archaeological Museum of Florence.


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