Archeological Museum

Museo di rilevanza regionaleIt is inside the medieval Lord’s Residence, in Piazza Garibaldi. The museum is organized in two main sections. The prehistorical one on the ground floor shows how life used to be in this area from the Paleolithic Era onwards. The museum is ideal for children too, thanks to the papier-mache reproductions of prehistorical men living in natural caves. On the same floor you can also visit an archeo-speleological section and the anthropomorphic sculpture dated back to the III millenium b.C. called Stele di Vado all’Arancio.
On the first floor you will find the Etruscan Section, whose artifacts come from the mining villages by the Accesa Lake.
It is also possible to visit the Etruscan symposium, a temporary exhibition.

Since March 2017, it is possible for visual impaired people to benefit from a newly installed device. Two reproductions of Stele di Vado all’Arancio and Eracle Callinico are connected to a bluetooth device through some sensors that react to your touch, guaranteeing an alternative sensorial experience.

Museo Archeologico
c/o Palazzo del Podestà,
P.zza Garibaldi, n.1

under restoration

Tel. +39(0)566906525


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