Accesa Lake

This karstic lake is about 10km far from Massa Marittima and it’s a beautiful spot, particularly suitable for nice walks along the bank, picnics or refreshing swims during summer. It is about 38mt deep and the river Bruna is its only estuary. The vegetation is characterised by rushes, poplars, eucalyptuses and Mediterranean scrub. Lots of water birds and fishes inhabit the crystal clear water: trouts, pikes and carps.

Lago dell'Accesa

The lake is interesting also from an archaeological point of view: the excavations during the ‘30s and ‘80s of the XX century brought to light the rests of four Etruscan villages, dating IX-VI centuries b.C. It is possible so see just the foundations but today we know that their presence was linked to copper extraction in Capanne and Serrabottini. These villages probably used to send the minerals to the city of Vetulonia. Among the rests, not only houses have been found but also graves. Most artifacts are today displayed at the Archaeological Museum in Massa Marittima.

The legend:
Stories say that instead of the lake, once there used to be wheat fields. The farmers back then used to rest and celebrate Sant’Anna, the harvest protector, on the 26th of July. In a particularly prosperous year though, some of them decided to work anyway, without paying tribute to the Saint.
At some point the land started to tremble and the sky became cloudy, then an earthquake caused a sinkhole that swallowed everyone. When the storm faded, the fields were not there anymore and the hole was filled by water: the Accesa Lake was born!
Rumours say that on Sant’Anna’s day you can still hear the screams of the farmers who drowned.

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