San Francesco Church

The Church was founded around the first half of the ‘200 by San Francesco, who used to live in Massa Marittima in those years to establish a first core of franciscan monks.
The church, attached to the convent, has a very simple structure in gothic style, supported by pointed arches and a single nave. The outside of the church was characterized by big pointed arch windows. The whole building originally used to be inside the medieval walls area.
Due to landslides and earthquakes, the church has cracked, partially collapsed and reduced over the centuries. Nowadays only a part of the nave and the apse remain as they were originally.
Inside the church there is the tomb of Bindoccio, son of Margherita Aldobrandeschi and Nello Pannocchieschi (first marriage with Pia De’Tolomei, remembered in Dante’s Comedy).

Holy Mass

On Sundays 09:00 am

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