The village was private property of the Company Montecatini (later Montedison and eventually Solmine) until 1976, when it became public ground under the municipality of Massa Marittima. The history of the village is intimately connected with the mining activity.
After a series of researches started at the end of the nineteenth century, two huge pyrite deposits were discovered in the ’30s; this finding marked the beginning of the pre-existing facilities expansion and the creation of a mining village, built between 1933 and 1936.
The Director’s house was built in the upper part of the village, while the miners used to live in the lower part, in blocks of houses or in one-floor buildings divided into many small bedrooms (for those without family). In the village were also built a church and a groceries.
The last mine in Niccioleta was closed in 1992.
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