the City Walls

The city walls used to completely surround the city centre in medieval times. They were about 2000 mt. long, built in the XII century and then expanded between the XIII and XIV century.
When Massa Marittima was conquered by Siena, part of the walls was destroyed and the original perimeter was reduced.
The Sienese people then decided to erect a second wall, about 230 mt. long, to divide and control more easily the conquered city. This is the only part of the walls that can be visited and you can access from the Candeliere Tower.
Fortunately, large parts of the walls remain today, along with most of the many gates. The walking itineraries are very impressive: one along the outside of the walls of lower Cittavecchia and the other between the gate of San Francesco and the Convent of the Clarissan nuns, in Cittanuova.

You can also see many medieval gates like Porta Silici or Porta San Bernardino.

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