15/06 Trekking – Frassine Pilgrimage

PILGRIMAGE – Frassine-Trekking
Departure: 07:00 Chiesa San Francesco (Massa Marittima) – Arrival: approx. 16h Santuario del Frassine (Monterotondo)

Approximately 21 km in the wood and nature, possibility to catch up the pilgrims on half road from Montebamboli. At the end mass with the bishop of Massa Marittima-Piombino. Please consider to reserve the shuttle to return to Massa Marittima by 10 June (€5).
Take note about the pilgrims vademecum:
– Right clothing: hat, tecnical gear (hiking shoes, trousers, shirt, rain jacket) and clothing to change
– 2-3 litres of water, dry fruits and energy bars
– Backpack
– in addition necessaries such as handkerchief, rechargable device for smartphone, trekking sticks, 2 plastic bags to wade the runnel
– Tipps: avoid salty food, use tapes for your feet, sun cream, avoid rumors with the trekking sticks, walk behind each other, slow down walking upwards, walk in the centre of the hiking trail, no competition.
Please contact us for any further information!